Not at all, you have full control over which market research you take part in. We aim to invite members to participate in surveys that are relevant to their interests based on their profile information.
Market research subject matter can vary, but we try to ensure our surveys are quick and fun to complete. Many of our studies focus on everyday topics, products and popular issues which go on to get coverage in leading journals, magazines and other media.
The length of a survey depends on the subject matter and type of survey you are completing. Most of our surveys take between 5 and 10 minutes - perfect for a coffee break, between meetings or the bus ride home.
Market research is the activity of gathering information about consumers' needs and preferences. The opinions and information gathered are used by organisations to shape their products and services.
Crowdology is an online panel, where registered members complete paid surveys for market research. Market researchers from businesses, agencies, education, media and government contact us to gather information and opinions from our panelists, who represent the diverse demographics of the population.
We try to avoid inviting you to surveys that aren’t suitable for you. You can help us by keeping your profile up to date, allowing us to send targeted survey invites, bespoke to you.
The more profile information you provide, the more likely you are to receive survey invites relevant to your demographic. We aim to match the number of surveys given to you with your level of interest in completing them.
Simple, follow these easy steps to check your rewards balance and transaction history:
  1. Login to your Crowdology account dashboard
  2. Click on “Rewards” to view your balance
  3. Click the “View your transaction history” link underneath your balance to see a list of recent transactions
  4. Use the drop down box to select how many rows to view per page
  5. Click on the column headers to sort your transaction list by date, type of transaction, cash amount, or status (for payments)
Rewards are redeemed via PayPal, GCodes or as Amazon Gift Certificates, simply follow these steps:
  1. Login to your account dashboard as normal
  2. Click on “Rewards” to view your balance
  3. Select “Amazon”, "GCodes" or “PayPal” to redeem your rewards via your preferred method
Payments are sent to the email address you use to receive surveys. For Amazon Gift Certificates and GCodes, the link to claim your reward will be sent directly to your inbox (please check your junk email folder too). PayPal transactions are sent to the PayPal account registered with your email address. If your PayPal account uses a different email address, you will need to link your Crowdology email in your PayPal account settings menu. PayPal allows multiple email addresses to pay into the same account.
PayPal transfers appear in your account within 1-4 business days of request. During processing, payments will be listed in your Crowdology account transaction history as ‘pending’, and this status will update to ‘success’ as soon as the payment is complete. The first time you redeem your rewards, the payment will take longer to process (up to 10 business days). This is due to extra security measures in our systems to protect you from fraud and ensure rewards are paid to the correct person. The link to claim your Amazon Gift Certificate or GCodes reward will arrive in your inbox within two weeks of request. You will have the option to cash out your rewards to PayPal when you have a minimum of £4 in your account (up to a maximum of £7.92 per transaction), or £10 per Amazon Gift Certificate or GCodes reward.
We exclusively use PayPal because it’s efficient, popular and well-respected. This keeps administration costs low, so we can pay our members more. If you want to withdraw via PayPal you will need a personal PayPal account. It’s free and simple to set up – please visit the PayPal website for more information. Don’t worry if you’ve already cashed out without creating an account, PayPal will contact you with instructions on how to receive your  payment.  
Your Crowdology and PayPal email addresses need to be the same. If your PayPal account uses a different email address, you will need to link your Crowdology email in the PayPal account settings menu. PayPal allows multiple email addresses to pay into the same account.
A 2% PayPal processing fee will be deducted from the total you receive. There are no fees for Amazon or GCodes.
At Crowdology, we believe in keeping our reward payments simple and transparent. Every survey has a cash incentive stated at the beginning, along with the estimated time it will take to answer. After you complete the survey, the cash incentives are credited to your Crowdology account. You can cash out your rewards to PayPal, or redeem your rewards as Amazon Gift Certificates, for every £10 earned.
We want to be realistic and we know that taking paid online surveys is not going to make you a millionaire (or us - we’re not sitting in the Bahamas writing this!). Our aim is to provide an enjoyable way for our panelists to earn a little bit extra whilst shaping the products and services of the future. Rewards vary depending on the length of the survey you complete. Our longest studies pay up to £10, while the majority of our quick, coffee-break surveys pay from 40p. These are more frequent, enabling you to quickly build your balance.
Yes, every survey you fully complete will earn a cash reward. Our regular surveys are relevant to most Crowdology panelists; however, sometimes a specific profile is needed and not everyone will fit the criteria. You will not be paid for answering the quick screening questions (e.g. what brand of mobile phone do you own?), and this information will not be used as part of the research.
Rewards are instant for most surveys and you will see them added to your balance upon completion. However, some survey providers pay rewards after completing a quality assurance process. For these surveys, the rewards can take up to four weeks to appear in your account. If you successfully completed a survey and the reward has not been credited within four weeks please contact our support team at:
You may still complete surveys even if you haven’t completed your full profile. However, a completed profile means you are more likely to be sent surveys that are relevant to you.
Having more than one Crowdology account would damage survey results and we trust you understand this is not allowed. We reward our members fairly for taking part in market research, providing they are honest with their responses. Our advanced systems are able to identify multiple account entries and prevent duplicate participation in surveys. We also undertake quality checks of completed surveys before allocating rewards. Members who don’t abide by these rules run the risk of having their accounts deleted and forfeiting their reward. This is made clear in our Terms of Use, which you accept on registration.
To change the email associated with your account, please contact our support team at indicating the new email address you would like to use for your account.
Anyone can join Crowdology, providing you are 18 and have access to the internet. Since we are a UK-based community you will also need to be currently resident in the United Kingdom with a valid UK postcode. Other than that, all we ask is that you enjoy taking part in opinion surveys and that you give open, honest answers.  
There is no cost to join. In fact it’s the other way round – Crowdology pay members for taking part in our opinion surveys.
Simply complete the short registration form and you will be sent an activation email to the email address you provided. The activation email will contain a validation link that you must click on in order to finalise the creation of your account. You’ll then be able to login and complete your personal profile.  
We just need your district area – this is the first three or four characters of your postcode
Crowdology follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in EU law to protect the data and privacy of all panel members whether they are registered with the Crowdology panel in the UK or USA, so you can rest assured that your information will not be abused in any way. We are a division of Savanta Group Limited. Registered in Scotland. Company No: SC281352. Registered Office: 3 Melville Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7PE – a Market Research Society Company Partner which undertakes all research in accordance with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and ESOMAR guidelines. Savanta Group Limited is also registered with the Data Protection Agency – registration number Z9612525.
We will never pass your contact details to third parties. By registering with us, you are only agreeing to participate in legitimate market research surveys for Crowdology and our parent company Savanta Group Limited.
When registering with Crowdology we ask for basic demographic information to be able to send targeted, suitable surveys. If you choose, you will be able to provide more detailed information, such as whether you drive a car, have children or own a property. The more profiling information you complete, the more surveys you are likely to receive which suit your circumstances or interests. For more specialist surveys, we may ask additional screening information to determine your eligibility.
We hope you stay with us, but if you no longer wish to participate then you are free to deactivate your account at any time. Each survey invite includes a cancellation link at the footer of the email.  Alternatively, you can contact our support team at Please note that once you deactivate your account, we will not be able to pay you any outstanding rewards that you have accumulated. Re-joining Crowdology at a later date will not reinstate previously accumulated rewards. These rewards cannot be carried forward into a new account.

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