Things to do at the beginning of spring flowers

Things to do at the Beginning of Spring

Although the British weather doesn’t quite seem to have got the memo, it is now officially spring, and so we can at least begin to dream of the days when we will leave our ‘big coats’ at home and head out in just a cardigan or, dare I say it, a t-shirt. Depending on working hours, many of us are already enjoying the relief of crawling out of bed when it is actually already light outside, and if we’re lucky we may catch a few moments of daylight before we get home from work. The lighter, longer days are just one perk of spring, and the freshening of creation and warmer temperatures are on their way to lift our spirits and remind us of all that is good in the world. In anticipation of the new season, here are a few tips for readying yourself.


Spring Cleaning

Perhaps the most obvious suggestion, and probably the one you were hoping wouldn’t appear. Ok, very few people actually enjoy cleaning, but there is something deeply satisfying about having a clean house, and the freshness of spring is the time to go all out on this front. Set aside some time to do some thorough cleaning and make the best of it. Maybe dedicating a Saturday morning to cleaning whilst still in your pyjamas will do the trick. Be sure to open all the windows to get plenty of fresh air flowing through, the workout of cleaning will keep you warm! To keep you entertained, listen to something whilst you’re at it, whether that’s the radio, your favourite playlist, a podcast or an audiobook, keeping your mind occupied is sure to make the cleaning process happen more swiftly! Once you’ve finished, reward yourself with a little treat, maybe some chill time to watch a film, or perhaps you fancy heading out for a drink with some friends. In case your hard work wasn’t enough to justify a pint, you can always fund it by taking a few minutes to fill out our paid surveys.


Get Outside

Whilst it may still be a bit nippy, it’s definitely worth bracing the cold and heading out for a stroll in the countryside or a game in the park. Nature is freshest during this season, so get your walking boots on and appreciate the dew on the grass, the sun in the sky and watch creation burst back into life. Another way to do this could be to visit a farm and see the animals enjoying being back out in the fields after a winter cooped up inside. If you’re lucky, you may even catch lambing season!


Book a Holiday

As we skip back into life full of joy this spring, it’s helpful to have something to look forward to, to keep us going in the moments when the enthusiasm for life wears off. Many people try to go on holiday during the summer, so if you’ve not organised this already, now is a good time to start thinking about it. To make the most of your time off, think carefully about what you (and those you will be travelling with) enjoy doing, how you rest well and where you like to be. Getting something booked and in the diary will be great motivation and is sure to lift your spirits as we step into spring!