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So, you’ve got a platform to voice your opinions. But how do you ensure you qualify for the paid surveys we send you? And how do you really ensure your opinions are getting heard once you do qualify?

Follow our top three tips to make sure your opinions count each and every time you take a survey.

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Rewards for surveys

1. The early bird catches the worm

Have you ever opened a survey and found that you can’t start it because it’s closed already? It’s frustrating. We know. In an increasingly busy world, our clients are constantly trying to improve their products and services to keep people enjoying them. It means they need quick answers and complete surveys quickly.


Be first to the surveys we send you to avoid being disappointed. Allowing email alerts on your smart phone, logging into your Crowdology account regularly and checking your emails daily will increase your chances of qualifying and being able to complete each survey we send through.

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2. Keep your opinions honest


Your opinions given through online surveys are truly instrumental in helping companies understand what you think and what you expect from them. Crowdology acts as the middle-man between you and the brand and it’s our job to ensure your opinions get heard.


We can only pass on opinions which are well thought out, with questions fully answered and free from error. We use the latest technology as a way to collect, review and sift through the surveys we collect. Any anomalies are picked up and flagged to our team for review. We then need to decide on whether to pass opinions on or not.


Keeping your answers honest and complete makes it easy for us to get your opinions to the decision-makers the first-time round

Take surveys for cash

3. Stick at it!


Our online surveys pay and all of your opinions really make a difference. We’ve got loads of surveys on a wide variety of topics to keep everyone entertained.


The more frequently you answer our surveys, the more likely you are to be selected for future questionnaires. Which means the louder your voice becomes and the more opportunities there are to make a little extra.

Excited about being part of change and the opportunity to earn a little extra on the side?


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