Spotify Winner

For our Spotify winner, a little treat is all they needed to get back on track.

January has finally finished, and we’re all so ready for February – the month of love and happiness. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, small pick me ups and lovely little moments won’t be in short supply. That was certainly the case for one Crowdology user who got their little extra in a big way this January.
It can be as simple as a lovely little card in the mail, a tasty stack of maple syrup pancakes on Shrove Tuesday or a bunch of roses from a secret admirer on Valentine’s Day that can make the days just a little bit brighter and your heart just a little bit bigger this month.
For this month’s winner, Brandon from Ketchikan, the only thing he needs to make his heart feel full for a few minutes is the sweet sound of music. Now, thanks to Crowdology, he can indulge in as many songs as he likes with his prize of 12 month’s Spotify Premium subscription. Only recently had Brandon broken up with his own personal subscription but, thanks to Crowdology’s quick and easy online surveys, he was able to reunite with his love of Spotify Premium for another year.
When we spoke to Brandon, he told us that he was “ecstatic”, in fact, he had “never won anything like this before”. After a long and expensive January, it was exactly the little luxury that he needed to kick 2018 off on the right foot. The best part was that Crowdology’s online paid surveys were something he did just because he had some spare time at home, and now he has free Spotify music for a year!
Now, whilst Brandon is dancing away to his R&B and Hip-Hop tunes with his new premium Spotify account, he can save up his little extra money from each cash survey he completes with Crowdology and splash out on live tickets for his favourite band, Machine Gun Kelly.
Not only are the surveys quick and easy, Brandon also commented on how accessible they are: “I take them on my phone throughout the day, here and there when I have free time, and at home in the evenings” and added: “I like being paid for my opinion and I can fit the surveys in throughout my day to earn more.”
Brandon is more than willing to share his opinion for a bit of extra cash (up to 14$) by completing a quick and simple paid survey. Thanks for recommending Crowdology to everyone Brandon and we hope you love your 365 days of fantastic free music.