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Socialising During Six Nations

The Six Nations rugby tournament has occupied headlines for the past few weeks. For many women with sport obsessed partners, the time has dragged: their only desire is for the tournament to finally be over so that they can regain the attention of the men in their lives. They couldn’t care less who wins, or only do so knowing the effect the result will have on the mood of their male counterparts. For such men, however, the past few weeks have flown by, and it could come as a shock to the system to have to re-engage with the non-rugby world from next week onwards. Like many things, the Six Nations is best enjoyed with friends, so if you’ve been cooped up watching on TV for the past few weeks, why not change your habits and get a bit more sociable for the final this weekend?  

Head Out

If the Six Nations is a mutual interest of you and some friends, then surely it’s the perfect opportunity to get a few of you together and head out for a catch-up. Most pubs will be showing the games live, and often have the advantage of a huge screen or projector. So find a table, grab a pint and enjoy the experience together. This is a great way to socialise without splashing too much cash and remember that you can always earn yourself a pint by filling out a few of our paid surveys. Try to avoid keeping your eyes fully fixated on the screen at all times though, and make sure you actually make the most of the occasion by engaging in conversation and enjoying the game together.  

Home Not Alone

If busy pubs and expensive pints aren’t really up your street, then staying home is probably a good choice. But rather than watching alone, why not get your friends round to enjoy the match from the comfort of your living room? You could order a takeaway or get everyone to bring along a different snack or a few beers. Just be sure to check with your other half before you go ahead with this. It’s a lot of fun, but probably not worth getting in her bad books for.  

Prolong the Event

Since we’re talking about socialising, it seems logical that hanging out for longer than just the length of the match might be a good plan. Depending on the time of the game and what it is you fancy doing, why not organise to meet up beforehand or go elsewhere afterwards, perhaps for lunch or dinner, a few more drinks or to go to another attraction or event. Whilst you’re making the effort to meet up anyway, make the most of it by sticking around a little longer, and perhaps planning something that your partners and non-rugby-loving friends will enjoy too might be a good idea…