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Leading brands want to know what you think about their products and services. That’s why you can get paid for surveys in cash each time you complete one, helping you to make a little extra on the side to spend as you wish; whether it’s a treat for someone else or a little something you’d like. Depending on the length and type of survey you take part in you can earn from 40p up to £10 or even more. And with recent surveys covering topics such as: ’Are you an accidental landlord?’; ‘Things you can’t live without on holiday’ or ‘The stresses of getting married’, you’ll always be assured of real variety with Crowdology.

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We Don’t Do Points Schemes


Fiddly points schemes don’t work for us. That’s why we pay you for each online survey you take part in, ranging from 40p to £10 or even more. As soon as you complete a survey the cash is added to your Crowdology account. You can quickly and easily link your Crowdology account to PayPal and start withdrawing funds as soon as you’ve made £4. Simple. Added to that are our regular competitions where you can win prizes such as an Apple Watch. Here are some of our recent winners.

Start withdrawing money quickly


You only need to make £4 before you can start withdrawing the money you’ve earned through Crowdology. Choose from PayPal or Amazon vouchers depending on what works best for you. For full cash out instructions, take a look at our FAQs. Every now and then our members may also be asked to take part in other research opportunities, such as telephone interviews or focus groups. These are entirely optional but do give you more opportunities to earn some extra money for your opinions.

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