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Rekindling Romance this Valentines Day

We are all aware that Valentine’s Day has become an overly-commercialised, frankly unnecessary celebration, and many of us hold to the belief that we don’t need an assigned day to show some affection and let our loved one know how much we care about them. Whilst this is all true, it can be nice amidst the hustle and bustle of life to have this annual reminder that we need to take some time to devote solely to our partners, and to make sure they’re a priority in our schedule. Committing this kind of time doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune, but to mark the occasion it can be refreshing to do something outside the routine of everyday life. Most couples will often have takeaway and movie nights, and will probably treat themselves to dining out semi-regularly as well. These are great things to do, but don’t really give any special significance to Valentine’s Day. Here are our top tips to enjoying the occasion without breaking the bank.

Do Something Together

Ok, an obvious point, but the emphasis here is on the do. Rather than passively sitting in front of the TV like you always do together, or hitting the supermarket for that fun weekly shop, do something simple that will feel like you’re spending quality time together. This could be really normal, like cooking a meal together, which might seem like the most everyday task in the world, but I don’t mean one of you cooks whilst the other hangs the washing out, I’m talking about being in the kitchen together, “you peel, I’ll chop” kind of style. It’s simple, for sure, but it’s also massively overlooked, and half the time we don’t realise that we’re not actually doing this kind of thing, so being intentional about it for just one evening could be really refreshing to your relationship. If you’re not into that kind of thing, head out and do something a little different; you could pop to your local leisure centre and go for a swim together, or be even more adventurous and try an activity like rock climbing. Sitting across the table staring lovingly into one another’s eyes is great, but physically doing something together can also be really healthy.

Get Some Fresh Air

I know I know, the weather is freezing and curling up inside is a much more appealing option than heading out into the bitter cold. For many of us, we’ve barely been outdoors since our boxing day walk, bar the manic midweek dash between home and office. However, heading out into open air will give you an opportunity to relax and unwind in a completely different manner to your evenings in front of the TV. Even if you live in a big city which makes it hard to escape to the countryside, there’s usually a decent park where you can find some space to think and have good conversations with your other half whilst you enjoy a gentle stroll.

Do Something Different

Enjoying everyday life together is one of the greatest joys of being in a relationship, but valentine’s day offers an excuse to treat yourselves to something a little more out of the ordinary. If there’s something that you’ve had your eye on for a while but haven’t yet found an excuse to splash out, now is the time! So whether it’s a fancy new cocktail bar that’s just opened up in town, or a day trip you’ve been putting off, treat yourselves and go for it. Remember that if you need a little extra cash to help justify heading out for a drink, paid surveys are a simple way to earn a bit of spending money from your sofa or during your lunch break. Whatever you decide to do this valentine’s day, make sure you take the time to unwind with your loved one and show them just how much they mean to you.