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Danielle from West Sussex will be enjoying her Christmas movies in dazzling HD this year thanks to Crowdology, after landing our Sky Q prize bundle!

11. 2017



If the headlines are to be believed, we’re in for our coldest winter for 7 years. We might all need to brave the arctic chill for work or the school run, but one of life’s greatest pleasures is coming back to a toasty home at the end of the day. 


The best thing about a cosy night in is the little touches that make it special – whether that’s a scented candle, a piping hot cup of cocoa or a fluffy blanket to snuggle under.


In keeping with this theme, we gave out our own little winter treat to one of our Crowdology members. Danielle from West Sussex won our Sky Q bundle, meaning she can watch over 350 sport, movie and entertainment channels, for the next 12 months, on her brand-new Sky Q box – a package worth over £900!


Danielle told us she’s quite selective when watching TV, so Sky Q is perfect for her – giving her the chance to watch whatever she wants, whenever and wherever she wants to watch it. And whilst Christmas movies are number one on her list, her three housemates can enjoy what they want to watch in different rooms without having to fight for the remote.


Crowdology landed in Danielle’s inbox as she was treating herself to some online shopping. She found it easy to get signed up and into the surveys – using her phone to build her balance after work. Now she’s keen to spread the word, and tell all her friends how convenient it is to join and start earning a little extra online.


If that wasn’t enough, Danielle’s now a fan of the industry, arguing that companies paying for people’s opinions on the everyday things they buy is a good deal for everyone. It shows they’re trying to develop products to suit people’s wants and needs.

They get honest answers and Crowdology members earn a bit of extra cash for giving their opinion. So even if you don’t scoop the top prize like Danielle did, you can still win on Crowdology!