Holiday Habits across the UK Crowdology

Holiday Habits Across the UK

London has a lot to offer, from one of the best theatre districts in the world to the commercial hub of the City, most Brits are proud of London and more than happy to call it our capital. Simultaneously, there is a noticeable difference between Londoners and those living in other areas of the UK, both in terms of lifestyle and opinions. We saw this most clearly in the 2016 EU referendum, where there was a huge split in the votes of Londoners and other Brits. This difference is also notable in other ways, from average income to house prices and even our holiday habits.

Annual Summer Holidays

Research conducted on the Crowdology panel discovered how Londoners spend their holidays differently from those living elsewhere in the UK. The results showed that 71% of people living in the North of England go on an annual summer holiday. This is an impressively high statistic but is far exceeded by the 95% of Londoners who answered ‘yes’ to the same question. The greater amount of holidays taken seems to affect holidays both within and outside the UK, with Londoners having holidayed within Britain an average 6.3 times in the past five years, compared to the average 5.1 times for northerners. The results for holidays abroad were closer, though still distinctively higher for Londoners, who showed an average 4.9 holidays abroad within the last five years, compared to 4.1 for those living in the north.

Potential Explanations

The greater salaries paid in the high-end positions based in London make these results somewhat unsurprising since a higher salary means an increased cash flow to spend on holidays and other luxuries. It is also possible that the demands of such jobs result in more stress, which leads to a greater need for holidays! Additionally, it is much more common to have a garden in which to enjoy the sunshine in areas outside of London, whereas most Londoners need to go on holiday to enjoy some decent outdoor space.

Travel Companions

Perhaps the most surprising result from this survey is who we prefer to travel with. According to our survey, London dwellers are much more likely to travel alone, which 14% of respondents noting this as their preference, compared to just 8% of northerners. The reason for this is uncertain but is likely to be related to the high volume of single young professionals living in London, who are happy to make the most of solo trips before they settle into a committed relationship or begin a family.

The results of this online survey are certainly intriguing, and with the summer fast approaching, they’ve got us excited to start planning our holidays for this year!