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Entertaining the Kids During February Half Term

Half term usually goes one of two ways for parents; either you’re delighted to get the whole family together and spend some quality time with your little ones, or it’s a disruption to your daily routine, and you just don’t know how you’ll get everything done. I mean really, it’s not been that long since Christmas! As much as you love them, having the kids rattling around your ankles all week can cause more frustration than family bonding, and sadly the summer days when you can leave them to play in the park or garden all day long are still far off. Don’t let the week pass by, landing them back at school with the feeling that neither they nor you have had a real break. Here are our top tips for enjoying a winter week off together.


It’s All About Balance

Relaxation comes in lots of different forms, and during half term your children (and you!) should ideally experience several different ones. Try to keep your teenagers from sleeping until 2pm everyday, or worse- becoming outright nocturnal, but do treat them to a lie in at least once during the week. The extra hour or two will allow you time to catch up on a few things, or you may well need to catch up on sleep as well! It can also be refreshing for their minds and bodies to spend some time just chilling at home, so maybe you can relax the rules a little and let them spend some time crashed out in front of the TV or playing on the games console.

However, we all know there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing, and allowing them too much time without leaving the house could leave them with less energy than they started with. Try to encourage them to go out for a walk or bike ride, go with them if you can, or if you’re (un)lucky enough to have snow in your area, show them how to build a snowman! Burning off some energy and inhaling fresh air will do them a world of good, and can go along way to prevent boredom and bad moods!


Day Trip

Taking time off work can be difficult, and in the interests of childcare, it’s often tempting to use your annual leave at different times to your partner. Keep in mind that your children will undoubtedly be asked upon their return to school what they got up to in the holidays, either by a friend or a teacher or as part of a class activity, and children always want to have something exciting to share. Taking just one day during half term when the whole family can spend some time together away from home will prove really beneficial to all of you. Day trips don’t have to be farfetched or expensive; it could be a trip to a nearby farm, a free museum or a wander around a different town. Whatever you decide to do, try to be intentional about spending at least one day altogether and doing something a little different. Filling out our paid surveys can provide a little extra funding to top off your wonderful day, whether that’s a souvenir from the gift shop or a hot chocolate in a cosy café.


Run Errands Together

This might sound unpleasant for both you and them, but including them in ‘real life’ tasks can make them feel valued and prepare them early for the future! Sure, the supermarket shop will take twice as long with the kids in tow, so try to schedule in time for this. You’d be surprised how exciting a trip to the post office or the dry cleaners can be for a child who doesn’t have to do it every week. The key to making this a success is to include them in whatever it is you’re doing, rather than making them feel like they’re an inconvenience. Of course things will take longer, but better late than never, right? It could also be motivating if you treat them after they’ve done something well, or for good behavior, which will encourage them to be more helpful in the future.

Whatever you have in store for this half term, make the best of it, and enjoy some true rest for your kids and yourself.