Back to School Blunders! And how to fix them

The time has arrived; new school uniforms, packed lunch prep, school trips, and most importantly a breather for the parents! As much as many of us love having the kids home for the summer, it can get very stressful after exhausting all your summer-time treats and...

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end of summer paid surveys

Ending Summer on a High

As British summers go, we’ve had a pretty good run this year. With the warm weather arriving in June and only a few days of rain having fallen since, there have been plenty of chances to get outside and experience what it’s like to have...

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Coping in the hot weather | Crowdology paid surveys

How to Cope in the Hot Weather

Above all else, the sheer length of this British heatwave is leaving us Brits completely baffled. Since we normally don’t bother putting our umbrellas away for the summer, many of us are not sure what to do with such a long stretch of high temperatures...

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Crowdology how to avoid world cup fever

Avoiding World Cup Fever

Regardless of your interest in football, chances are that you’ve probably been inundated with updates on what’s going on in the world cup. As with anything we love, those of us who are into it struggle to stop talking about it, so bear with us...

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beach scene preparing for your summer holiday

Preparing for your Summer Holiday

The warm weather has got many of us excited to escape for our annual summer holiday, and with most of us only having limited time and financial resources to spend on holidays, we want to make sure we do it properly. Here are our top...

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bank holiday weekend ideas from Crowdology

Things to do this Bank Holiday Weekend

It’s a rarity for Britain to experience hot weather on a bank holiday weekend, and pretty much unheard of for it to happen twice in one month. Unless the forecasts are hugely mistaken, it would seem that this is exactly what is happening this month,...

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Windsor Castle celebrating the royal wedding Crowdology

Four Fun Ways to Celebrate the Royal Wedding

This weekend will go down in history as the date of marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. As the couple prepare to publicly declare their vows to one another at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, many admirers, both in Britain and across the globe,...

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Holiday Habits across the UK Crowdology

Holiday Habits Across the UK

London has a lot to offer, from one of the best theatre districts in the world to the commercial hub of the City, most Brits are proud of London and more than happy to call it our capital. Simultaneously, there is a noticeable difference between...

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Things to do at the beginning of spring flowers

Things to do at the Beginning of Spring

Although the British weather doesn’t quite seem to have got the memo, it is now officially spring, and so we can at least begin to dream of the days when we will leave our ‘big coats’ at home and head out in just a cardigan...

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