Back to School Blunders! And how to fix them

The time has arrived; new school uniforms, packed lunch prep, school trips, and most importantly a breather for the parents! As much as many of us love having the kids home for the summer, it can get very stressful after exhausting all your summer-time treats and things to do. Not to mention the money it takes to do them! Now that schools have opened their doors for the 2018/19 school year, the potential of unexpected accidents that return home with your kids has also increased! With this in mind, we’ve compiled a small list of five back to school blunders that happen way to often, and how you can fix/avoid them!  

Broken School Shoes

So, you may have bought one pair of school shoes for your child. (hint hint: if possible, next time buy a few pairs, we all know the playground isn’t a merciful entity). If this is the case, and your child comes home with burnt out or broken shoes, there are a few ways around it. Of course, taking a paid survey could help take a couple of pounds off the next pair!

Late once again!

Always running out of the door in a hurry? Fed up sweating before the day has even started? There’s a simple technique to resolve being late; Alarms! Putting an alarm on for every 10-15 minutes will act as a constant reminder to head for the door and get to school on time (traffic forgiving).

White wash only!

If you’re not already doing this, for the laundry, put the white school shirts/t-shirts in a white wash together. Sounds simple, but don’t mix up anything as this will you to retain the crisp white colour all throughout the school year.

Don’t over fuss with the lunches

Of course, the beginning of term isn’t just fun for the kids, the organising “cute” things for your kids is exciting and the level of pride seeing them in their new uniforms, taking on new challenges and growing as people cannot be matched by anything. However, there can be slight overkill if you over-complicate their school lunches. Stay away from making over complicated (and overly expensive lunches). The risk is that your children will end up bashing them up in lunch boxes, long term costs are too high and feeding too much could mean ending up with food waste at the end of the week. This is money that could be put towards a holiday, or day out.