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There’s no shortage of paid online surveys to take on our panel. We field thousands of questionnaires on behalf of all sorts of companies which cover a wide variety of subjects. As a result, we have topics to suit all interests to ensure taking a survey is never dull.


If you find that you aren’t getting enough opinion-giving opportunities, or that the topics you’re being offered don’t match your interests, here are our three top tips to increase the number of invites to relevant online surveys through Crowdology

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1. Keep your opinons honest


We pride ourselves on the quality of our members and of their responses. This quality is partly based on the opinions you provide and your profile, which are run through quality checks each time you complete a survey.


We have a duty to provide well thought out, correct and fully completed responses to our clients. Taking the time to consistently answer our surveys honestly ensures you always remain in the top group and will receive our next relevant survey.

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2. Complete your personal profile


Your profile is unique to you. The more we know about you, the more we can offer you paid online surveys tailored to your interests. And this is why we have a whole profile section, dedicated to getting to know you better. From your hobbies and interests to which electronic equipment to how you travel around. We’re eager to build a complete picture from the start.


In your account area, simply click on ‘profile’ and you’ll see a list of topics with questions under each one. We guarantee any time you spend here will be well invested, and is sure to unlock the door to relevant and paid surveys.


As your profile is being updated, we’ll be matching you to the thousands of relevant studies we are already running or are about to launch. And once your profile is 100% complete, you’ll quickly notice the increase in invites to surveys you qualify for.

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3. Keep your profile info up to date


Life evolves and circumstances change. What may have been up to date on your profile yesterday might not be the case today – meaning a whole new world of surveys awaits!


As an example of where you could be missing out on paid survey opportunities, if you’re in the market to buy a new car but haven’t told us, you may not be sent a survey about a specific brand you’ve been researching. It’s likely we won’t send you the survey if we don’t know you’re looking, which means you miss out on earning a little extra on a topic you’re actively interested in.


So, it’s important to keep your details updated to keep the personalised surveys coming your way

Excited about being part of change and the opportunity to earn a little extra on the side?


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