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Mario Will be Sharing The Wealth With His New Prize

Did you know that doing someone a good turn is actually good for you too? Well, it’s official: scientists have discovered that as well as bringing pleasure to the recipient, the person performing an act of kindness raises their own dopamine levels and puts them in a good mood. Now that’s win-win. 
Thanks to this, our latest winner is going to be on cloud nine. According to Mario from London, it’s birthday season in his family – four celebrations in two months – so the timing could not have been better. He’s won a MasterCard pre-loaded with £250, and he’s going to put all the cash he won towards extra-special presents for his nearest and dearest.
Mario’s mother is quite elderly now and like many, is finding her phone more difficult to use. Fortunately, her generous son is going to use his winnings to. . . (look away now, Mario’s mum) . . . buy her an Amazon Echo. ‘It’s hands-free so she doesn’t need to worry about being able to see a screen to interact,’ he explained to us.
Mario finds taking Crowdology’s surveys for money a win-win in itself. He is semi-retired now and can put some of his spare time to good use. Plus, thanks to our quick and transparent profiling, Mario is only selected for paid surveys that match his interests. He told us that it’s easy for him to fit them in during the ad breaks if he’s relaxing watching TV.
Crowdology is designed to keep our top-notch respondents interested, so it’s great to hear it’s working for Mario. There’s a wide range of easy-to-use surveys that are flexible enough to fit around a variety of lifestyles.
Mario enjoys helping companies shape their future products and services too. Some are looking for detailed research while other surveys are quick opinion polls. But he likes the balance between the time spent and the rewards offered. Mario still does a bit of freelance work and likes the fact he can decline some surveys and then pick up again when he’s less busy.
There is one question all Crowdology users have to answer on a regular basis: how will they spend the extra pounds they receive for taking online surveys? There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself of course. Chances are you deserve it. But, now and then, you feel may incline to take a leaf out of Mario’s book and use your little bit extra to put a smile on someone else’s face.
And, in the extremely unlikely even they feel guilty about you being so generous, tell them not to worry: your own well being is getting a little boost out of the deal!