Who would have thought signing up was so rewarding

Kate from London pockets the Apple Watch after taking Crowdology’s paid surveys in December We were delighted to award our prize of an Apple Watch to Kate from London, who joined Crowdology in December and was entered into our prize draw. We love hearing your stories on how you can earn extra money on the side by filling out surveys for cash, so we caught up with Kate and found out a bit more about her winning story. As a commuter, Kate has long journey to work every day and decided to make the most of it by joining the Crowdology community and filling out surveys on the go in exchange for cash. “This will keep me entertained on the journey and earn a bit of extra money which is useful as well”, she told us.   Kate’s already completed a few paid online surveys since joining in December and had just finished one on the day we caught up with her. The news of winning the Apple Watch came through at just the right time for her: “I read the email (telling me I’d won) after work on Friday and it cheered me; the thought of winning was exciting!” As for the Apple Watch itself, although it’s a tempting prize, it’s actually someone very close to her who will benefit. “My husband will get the watch – he’s very excited”, Kate told us. It will be part of an extra special celebration as this year marks their first wedding anniversary.   Kate told us that the fact her opinions are being heard and rewarded by the brands and products she buys is also important, as is the simple and intuitive survey design Crowdology uses.   We’re also really pleased Kate has been sharing the Crowdology love! “Since I’ve won I’ve been telling my friends about Crowdology over the weekend”, she said. Thanks for talking to us Kate and it’s great to see that being part of Crowdology has already been so rewarding!   If you’d like to get paid for surveys, sign up today!